Welcome to CloudRoll

Statistics make you better!

Keep a detailed inventory of all company expenses including professional trips, professional dinners and more but most of all put zero effort in do

Categorize your expenses!

Two employees paid? Associate more than one employees with an expense and make fair reimbursements to your employees.

Approve expenses on the spot!

The employee who made the expense can  apply for reimbursement immediately and be informed just as easily whether the expense is approved. This is

Unlimited traits!

Within Cloudroll you can have a complete registry of just about everything regarding your employees, your premises and also company policy.

Organize smoothly!

Make quick groups of employees who share a trait and quickly distinguish one employee group from another.

Know your staff!

Keep an up-to-date inventory with detailed profiles of your employees consisting of all the needed payroll related information and more.

Trouble managing absences?

Now available to you is a complete overview of all the leaves that are currently being used by the employees.

Leaves are only a click away!

Need a sick leave? Just send a request, and your supervising manager can approve it with a click of a button.

How many leaves are allowed?

The number of leaves your employees are entitled to is not always homogeneous.

Make use of statistics!

Make an extensive archive of reports, depicting the status and progress of numbers in your company.

Prevent mistakes!

Automated features in Cloudroll leave no room for mistakes. Contracts, overtime hours, benefits etc.

Payroll easy and fast!

Calculate the payroll for each month and have extensive reports in just a couple of easy steps. Any changes this month?

How's turnout?

Who is at the office right now? Find out on the spot who has arrived, who is missing, who is on a leave etc.

Adjustable breaks and leaves

Adjust breaks and absences with flexibility and promptitude.

Work hours available on the spot!

Still calculating working hours for payroll day?

Coverage problems no more

Mismanaged work patterns, coverage problems and problematic shifts can now be past with Cloudroll.

Your company is unique

Make it just about your company!

Different work patterns?

Scheduling work patterns becomes now an easy task.

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